About Metnano

MetNano has been created to develop and exploit global scale production of metallic nanoparticles. Using patented chemistries in combination with reactor engineering skills it has developed a capability to produce tonnage volumes of pure metal colloids under ISO9001 and 14001 quality control.

This capability will enable many product developers in a wide variety of fields including, analytical biochemistry, drug  discovery, forensics, printing, electronics, diagnostics, coatings, medical devices etc. to realise their discoveries at a commercially realistic cost. Initially focussing on silver colloid uses including Surface Enhanced Laser Raman Spectroscopy MetNano will enable the wider adoption of this material and associated technologies.

Clients have the security of knowing all batches of products will be supplied with analytical data including particle size, UV-vis absorbance and where appropriate Laser Raman analysis all generated according to ISO recorded procedures.

The reactor technology and chemistry is capable of significant scalability and mobility and as such can be installed on a client’s site to address JIT production at tonnage levels.