Our Technology

Our expertise is in the development and manufacture of high quality nanomaterials. We are focused on manufacturing on an industrial scale, from litre to tonnage quantities.

All MetNano products are supplied with full certification – MSDS, test analysis (IR) and particle size distribution.

MetNano’s SC grade of stable aqueous silver colloid is produced to the following typical specification:

 Particle Size Distribution of MetNano Silver Colloid
 Particle_Size_Distribution Particle Sizing Results
Mean: 38 nm
Mode: 23 nm
SD: 30 nm
D10: 16 nm
D50: 30 nm
D90: 62 nm
User Lines: 205 nm, 0 nm
Concentration: 8.38 E8 particles/ml
 Laser Raman Spectroscopy (Solvent Blue 79 at 1ppm)  UV Absorbance Spectrum
 Raman_Shift  Absorbance_Spectrum